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Discover the Love of Your Life with Jessica Ruiz
Episode 14019th June 2024 • ENCUENTRAS YOUR VOICE • Consuelo Crosby
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Here’s a sister that has your back when it comes to finding the life partner you’ve been dreaming of! Not only does she fill you in on the do’s and don’t of dating, she starts off with glorifying the power you have to be loved as your authentic self. 

Discover invaluable relationship advice from love expert, Jessica Ruiz, Latina Founder of Latina Relationship Coach, in this empowering episode. Jessica shares her journey, exploring how her cultural upbringing influenced her perspectives on love, self-love, authenticity, and nurturing lasting relationships.

As a relationship coach, Jessica provides insights into navigating the Latina dating world, handling cultural differences, and emphasizing effective communication for healthy partnerships. Through personal stories and a deep passion for spreading love, she advocates for self-empowerment and trusting the process.

Ladies, get ready to step out of your comfort zone, embrace vulnerability, and follow your heart in matters of love and relationships. Jessica is even working on a book about the single Latina experience, making this a can't-miss opportunity!

Tune in to Jessica's inspiring journey on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or YouTube on June 19th at 5pm PT. Click the link in the bio, listen to her episode, and prepare to be amazed by her Latina love expertise!

Reach out to Jessica on her website, Latina Relationship Coach, and on her Instagram!

Shoutout for Juneteenth celebration heard in the episode to Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir with Founder Artistic Director Terrance Kelly

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Consuelo is a First Gen Peruvian, structural engineer, mother and Scorpio fired Latina out to hold the mic and shine the light for amazing Latinas and advocates who share their journey from ancestry to authenticity in their most genuine voice. 

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