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Thriving on Purpose Podcast - Elisabeth and Sebastien Richard 30th November 2018
E27: How to Find a Godly Christian Man (A Woman’s Guide)

E27: How to Find a Godly Christian Man (A Woman’s Guide)

5 Things to look for in a Christian husband

Have you ever heard the expression: “All the good ones are taken?” If you’re a single woman, especially past 30, you may even have fallen for this scarcity mindset trap.


Good men are hard to find… but not all taken!


In this week’s episode, we will tackle one of life’s bigger challenges for Today’s Kingdom Women: finding a worthy king to share their lives with.


As you will see from this first installment of T.O.P. Women: the good ones are not all taken, women just need to know what to look for, pray for… and where to look!


In This Episode You Will:


♦ Learn the five crucial things to look for in a man that is marriage material.

♦ Understand how who you are determines who you will attract.

♦ Hear important statistics on Christian headship in the household.

♦ Be equipped to avoid costly mistakes in choosing a mate.



Memorable Quotes:


“Be so busy dancing with Jesus that he will have to ask permission to cut in.”


"A man with the heart of a king will treat you like a queen."


"Ever heard “Happy wife, happy life.”? It’s not entirely true. "Happy spouse happy house" is more accurate."


"A man who hasn’t found himself and his life’s mission will be miserable and make you miserable - Even if he is a believer!"


"The best way to see if a man is living with purpose is to look at how he spends his spare time. Here is a clue: If he has a “man cave” instead of a study… chances are he hasn’t found his purpose."


"The right partner should make even the most boring stuff at least semi-enjoyable by his presence."


"Good looks are a gift from God… for the bearer, and for the beholder."


"Like a flower, a woman should allow herself to be picked up."


"He that findeth a wife, findeth a good thing, and receiveth favor of the Lord." (Proverbs [18:22])



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