Artwork for podcast Reconstructing Healthcare:  Innovative Solutions For Employers To Lower Their Healthcare Costs
Cheryl Kellond | Apostrophe Healthcare
Episode 315th June 2018 • Reconstructing Healthcare: Innovative Solutions For Employers To Lower Their Healthcare Costs • Reconstructing Healthcare: Innovative Solutions For Employers To Lower Their Healthcare Costs
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  • Misaligned Incentives
  • Third Party Administrator (TPA)
  • Savings As A Service (SAAS) Platform
  • Provider Reimbursement
  • Open Network vs. Traditional Network
  • Referenced Based Pricing
  • Direct Contracting
  • Consumer Experience
  • Concierge Service
  • Net Promoter Score


In this episode, Michael introduces you to Cheryl Kellond, Co-Founder, and CEO of Apostrophe Health – a third party administrator who aims to provide savings as a core service and make the healthcare benefit actually feel like a benefit again. Join us as we discuss how they endeavor to build the health plan that can fix America.


Here’s a glance at what we discuss in this episode:

  • Cheryl’s unique experience with product development and sales in the technology industry and why she transitioned into healthcare by starting Apostrophe Health
  • How misaligned incentives and lack of cost and quality transparency impacts our healthcare system
  • Why Apostrophe Health defines themselves as a SAAS model with TPA functionalities
  • How Apostrophe Health uses an open network combined with a blended payment model to provide greater flexibility and cost savings
  • How Apostrophe Health unique provider reimbursement approach creates a better experience for both providers and employees and gives Apostrophe leverage to negotiate competitive provider reimbursement rates.
  • Why providers are not required to be credentialed with Apostrophe and how Apostrophe incorporates quality and site of care into steerage opportunities
  • How Apostrophe Health’s platform is designed to include best in class point solutions  and which components an employer has the ability to customize
  • Apostrophe Health proactively provides real-time, actionable data analytics and reporting capabilities accessible to employers and brokers/consultants
  • What Apostrophe Health does differently to simplify healthcare and create a better consumer experience for employees relative to what they’re getting today
  • Defining what concierge service means in the Apostrophe Health model and how they build trust with employees
  • Why the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is impactful and how Apostrophe Health leverages it’s NPS scores to make changes and improvements in its service model
  • Apostrophe Health’s fee structure options and shared savings incentive bonus when Apostrophe Health decreases year over year healthcare costs
  • Barriers that Apostrophe Health has encountered resulting in employers not implementing their service
  • Exciting developments on the horizon for Apostrophe Health
  • Cheer Cheryl on in the 2019 Ironman!
  • Apostrophe Health’s website and contact information: Apostrophe Health is hiring!