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Holy S*!% We got to chat with Georgia Ellenwood (Olympic Heptathalete), and she's awesome.
Episode 2027th October 2021 • WaveTalks: Fitness for Humans! • 3Wave Fitness & K Borsuk, D Walkden, J Walesch
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Today we're doing a pure interview with Georgia Ellenwood, who just competed for Canada in the Heptathalon at the Olympics in Tokyo. And she's amazing, articulate and a joy to speak with!

Join us as we ask her about what it takes to get to the Olympics, how she got into the sport, what her take is on the best part of being at the Olympics, and more!

If you enjoy this you may love the video version of this podcast! We'll share it on our YouTube channel and she is even more charming on video!

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