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Interview in Action - HIMSS 2022 Featuring Ron Emerson with Zoom
Episode 8614th April 2022 • This Week Health: News • This Week Health
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What's top of mind for you these days at zoom? Yeah there's a lot of exciting things.

I mean, we all, we just went through the hyper digitalization of, of healthcare of course, , from COVID and, , I think we've all learned a lot from it, of course. And I think the, the one thing that, , there's really a couple of things that we're focusing on. You know, the world's different and we have a, , basically hybrid models and hybrid models can be what we're seeing is hybrid models, where everything is.

How employees engage with the organizations and healthcare systems that they work with. And then of course, , a hybrid models of delivering care. So when you look at the, the, the, the care delivery model, you know, this is pretty much, , it's, it's, it's known out there, but, you know, before COVID less than 3% of people who could actually access telemedicine, like video assisted virtual visits on a device, less than 3% would actually do it.

Right. It was a very low number. , and we know this from self-insured employers and insurance companies. Right. And. And then, , of course, you know, COVID happened and we saw in some largest centers of excellence. This is a little bit anecdotal, but I saw 75 to 90% of all outpatient visits being done virtually.

And if you look across us sectors, McKinsey did a report that said about 50% of all visits during COVID. Now it's somewhere around 80. 17%, depending on what study you look at. , but the thing we do now was that patients liked it and it's become sort of an expectation. , Paul Brooks did a report and zoom zoom actually sponsored the report.

And, , in Qualtrics data, we looked across, , 10 countries, , over 7,500 participate. And we found that 61% of people in the U S but actually had done a telemedicine visit within the last six months, said that they wanted a hybrid model of care. So they wanted to be able to see the clinician when they needed to, but they also wanted to be able to do it virtually 34% said, we just want to do it in.

And I think the leftovers, like 4% that we want to do video only, but I don't think that's realistic.