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125: How Your Coffee Can Make A Difference with RAW Coffee
Episode 12511th January 2021 • Mama Earth Talk • Mariska Nell
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In this episode, we talk tIn this episode, we talk to Kim Thompson. She is the founder and managing director of RAW coffee company. She was the first woman in the Middle East to obtain her Speciality Coffee Association Diploma and a certified AST instructor.  

During this episode, we dig a little deeper into coffee and look at some of the threats that the coffee farmers are facing and why selecting ethical coffee is more social, economical and environmentally sustainable.

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Bean Belt Countries

Hawaii (US), Mexico*, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico (US), Jamaica, Venezuela, Brazil*, Guatemala*, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia*, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Sudan, Cameroon, Cote D’ivoire*, Sao Tome e Principe, Angola, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Yemen, Ethiopia*, Kenya, Uganda*, Burundi, Tanzania, Madagascar, India*, Vietnam*, The Philippines, Indonesia*, Papua New Guinea

*A top 10 coffee bean producer.

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“By supporting a local roaster who is sourcing their products sustainably, you definitely making a difference.”