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Me Skills Podcast #008: How To Become A Joy Germ
Episode 810th June 2024 • Me Skills • Kelly McCausey
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Welcome to another episode of the Me Skills Podcast, where we lean into self-love and great ideas that build a better life. In today's episode we delve into the heartwarming and impactful concept of being joy germs! We hope you’ll get inspired to embrace your inner joy germ and discover how small, thoughtful actions can cultivate more positive, connected, relationships. Note Worthy Timestamps:
  • [00:01:53] – A comment from last week’s episode about an experience they had with the “ick” factor of being approached by a long lost friend or relative only to find out they had an agenda.
  • [00:05:06] – Tish shares about someone both her & Kelly know that is a joy germ.
  • [00:08:18] – Kelly shares about where Joy Germ came from.
  • [00:24:54] – Tish shares that she thinks joy germs can also include random acts of kindness! And shares an encounter she had with a homeless woman that touched her deeply.
By the way, we also have a blog post all about this topic! You can learn more about this topic, find out what’s in Kelly’s Joy Germ Basket, and get some ideas of online places for fun items you can send through the mail. Let's spread some joy together!




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