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RR 443: Jill Trotta – Survey Results – The Best and Worst Metro Cities for Car Repair
Episode 44325th June 2019 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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My guest is Jill Trotta. She is the Vice President for Industry Advocacy and Sales at RepairPal. We talked about the 2019 RepairPal survey that pointed out which metro cities are best for car repair. This is based on factors like average repair order, road quality, average labor rate among others.

The survey talked about the statistics and information about car repair. You will learn the best and the worst cities for repairs according to the survey. The survey also pointed out which cities are most affected by the technician shortage. Listen to Jill’s previous episodes HERE.

Key Talking Points

  • Best metro cities survey for car repair
    • Average repair order
    • Road quality
    • Average labor rate
    • Ratio registered cars to the number of mechanics
    • 55% of the score is the number of repair shop workers per car and labor rate
      • Are labor rates too low?
      • Lowest average repair bill- Dayton, Ohio
      • If a business wants to have the lowest labor rate it doesn’t help industry- have to charge for work and quality you’re offering
    • 30% labor rate
    • 30% repair invoice totals
  • Best city- Jacksonville, FL
    • 5 cities in the Carolina’s in the survey- average repair order low
  • Worst cities- 6 California cities in the top 10
    • Bad roads, high labor rate
  • Technician shortage- northern areas more affected

Link to the RepairPal 2019 Survey HERE

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