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When one medium is not working, find another with PR expert Rachel Olsen
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When one medium is not working, find another with PR expert Rachel Olsen


Rachel Olsen is the Founder of Best Mom Products, a digital media consulting firm where mom entrepreneurs learn how to get the media buzz they deserve so they can generate more sales and have the family lifestyle they crave.

From dressing in Theory, living the city life in San Francisco and handling Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle’s speakers bureau to wearing yesterday’s milk stained work-out clothes in San Diego helping mom entrepreneurs launch their business, Rachel dove head first into motherhood and is slowly reclaiming her figure and mind back now that her kids are in elementary school.
She’s been featured on ABC News, Huffington Post, Millionaire Girls Movement, Tech Cocktail and more but her greatest honor is when clients say working with her is like working with a best friend who happens to be a marketing and PR genius.


She is the #1 Amazon best-selling author of Shark Tank Mompreneurs Take a Bite Out of Publicity …. which Barbara Corcoran called a “must-read” (so go out and get it!)


Rachel sold bookmarks in 3rd grade. Her entrepreneurial qualities manifested right from 3rd grade. Her background is in PR and Marketing.

She has the perspective of corporate high-tech environment mixed with the entrepreneurial qualities. Rachel started a podcast in 2011. She was one of the first woman podcaster.

Rachel got frustrated podcasting, it was a labor of love. Podcasting just for podcasting’s sake was not working because it was not monetizing. She made a decision to pivot her business.

When one medium is not working, find another medium to get your information out. At that time, she interviewed women that were on Shark Tank and decided to write a book about their experiences.

One of the biggest mistakes of the “one big win”.  For PR, you have to ask yourself, What do you think it’s going to do for your business? PR is long-term, there are no quick wins. Nobody wants to hear no.

There is no such thing as overnight success #entrepreneurship
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She wrote a strategic letter to Barbara Corcoran that helped her get her endorsement. The letter took a long time to write and write 5/6 bullet points.


How did the pivot in your business affect? What changes did you see?

Every entrepreneur struggles with it. When you are thinking of something a lot and it’s taking too much space in your head and there are no solutions. Then it’s time to let go.

There are pros and cons for every every pivot that you make.

Quick PR Tip– As soon as you start to get some traction- get a “featured in” logo board on your website. Customers that may not have heard about you will see it. When they see the brands that they trust, they will see trust in your brand.


Food truck method- Chris Brogan


The ultimate guide to re-purposing your content


Rachel is now getting into the app space. Her app getapplr is a great way to find apps that your friends recommend.


Listen to Lisa Winning’s episode


Stack the states – App that Rachel recommends.


If you could offer a first time entrepreneur, one piece of advice, what would it be?

The road is going to be much longer and challenging. There is along journey, there are no quick wins.

When one door closes, another one opens.


Lightning Round


What trophy would you want on your mantle?

A woman and mother who lived up to her full potential and helped other women do the same.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Weekend nap. Popsugar subscription box


What are you currently reading?

Life changing habit of tidying up by Maria Kondo

Secrets of the millionaire mind T Harv Ecker

One productivity hack?

To do lists

What is your personal motto?

Don’t obsess and measure your journey based on others. Don’t measure success by others accomplishments and standards. Your journey is your own so if you are looking around too much, you will waste your energy.

What would you do differently,  if you were given another chance?

Not trying to do everything yourself and ask for help.


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Instagram: rachelaolsen