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What You'll Learn from The Podcast Accelerator & Why It Matters
Trailer1st May 2019 • The Podcast Accelerator: How to Grow Your Podcast • Mark Asquith
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Welcome to The Podcast Accelerator, the short, actionable show that helps busy podcasters like you to grow your audience in specific, actionable ways.

I’m your host, Mark Asquith, creator of the podcast hosting, analytics and marketing platform Captivate and you know, I work in podcasting every single day - it’s my job - I live and breathe it.

But, with my background and role here at Captivate being brand strategy and product marketing, I’m uniquely placed to give you free educational content that will actually move the needle for your podcast. In fact, after 1,300 episodes of my own podcasts since 2012, I’ve been testing and trying all sorts of wonderful things to help my own shows to grow and I’m sure that you can pick something valuable up from each and every episode.

Landing for free in your favourite podcast app every Monday, The Podcast Accelerator is your gateway to understanding what it takes to grow your podcast’s audience and finally understanding exactly what to do, and when.

Remember, too, that I’m always personally on hand to help via Twitter, I’m @MrAsquith over there, and I’m ready to help right now with your podcasting goals.

I’d highly recommend that you start with episode thirty, entitled “How many downloads do I need to monetise my podcast?” because it’s the episode that other podcasters just like you have found the most useful this year.

Follow The Podcast Accelerator in your podcast app of choice or head to to choose your app and let’s get started.

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