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Building Your Empathy Muscle with Rob Volpe
Episode 1027th March 2023 • The Leadership Tales Podcast with Colin Hunter • Colin Hunter
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Here’s a muscle you might not know you have in your body: the EMPATHY muscle. According to Rob Volpe, empathy expert and bestselling author, we’re born with the neurobiological capacity for empathy, but we must practice empathy and flex that “empathy muscle” to keep it strong. 

Rob Volpe is an astute observer of life and a master storyteller who brings empathy and compassion to the human experience. As CEO of Ignite 360, he leads a team of insights, strategy, and creative professionals serving the world’s leading brands across a range of industries. 

As a thought leader in the role of empathy in marketing and the workplace, Rob frequently speaks on the topic at conferences, corporations, and college classes. He is a graduate of Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and lives in San Francisco with his husband and three cats.

In today’s episode, Rob shares what originally drew him to empathy, the five steps to achieving empathy, and why people often struggle with finding it. 

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