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Life Through a Dram - Danny Brown EPISODE 22, 6th April 2019
When James Bond Delivered Milk to My Grandma (and Why Our Stories Matter)

When James Bond Delivered Milk to My Grandma (and Why Our Stories Matter)

In episode 22 of the Life Through a Dram podcast, I share some examples of stories from my youth, as well as other inspiring stories I've heard through the years. Because stories matter, as I discuss in this week's episode.

After all, we know how storytelling has enthralled generation after generation through the ages. But have you ever stopped to consider your own stories, and how they can not only enthrall, but inspire others to share their stories, and perhaps change the world into the bargain?

Topics on the menu include:

  • When James Bond used to deliver milk to my grandma
  • How I used my own beatings as a child to be the kind of dad I wanted to be
  • How a lesson as a teenager shaped how I raise my son and daughter in the #MeToo age
  • How an American rock climber named Chris Sharma changed rock-climbing forever
  • The inspiring story of a young boy named Jesse
  • Why these stories, and more like them, should encourage us to tell our own stories more

Settle back for a reflection on why storytelling can be much more than just someone reading a book, and why our own stories - and sharing them with others - can make the world a place we can truly love and grow.

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