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#92 David Abraham, Co-Founder of Outpost, on the Travel Bucket List Bounce
Episode 924th February 2021 • Hospitality Mavericks Podcast • Michael Tingsager
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When today’s guest, David Abraham, saw the stat a few years ago that 40% of US jobs could be done remotely, Outpost was a no brainer. Set up in 2016, Outpost is a hospitality brand delivering live, work and travel services to a community of remote workers. From teaching in Japan to working at the White House and Wall Street to NGOs, David has seen and done a lot.

Calling in from Singapore, David shares his tips on how to build a strong community with interactive spaces. In this episode we explore the future for families being digital nomads, building partnerships, how we want to travel in the future, and the opportunities for hotels. Whilst a lot of us are in lockdown, this episode will embolden you for a brighter future when we can travel and collaborate in person again. 


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