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52: How to Negotiate with Anyone (Negotiation Tactics from the Leading FBI Negotiator) with Chris Voss
30th November 2016 • Can I Pick Your Brain? • Daniel Gefen
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Today I’ll be picking the brain of a man who was the Lead International Kidnapping Negotiator for the FBI

Chris Voss was also a member of the New York City Joint Terrorist Task Force for 14 years and has been involved in some famous hostage situations, in fact he was the one that negotiated the surrender of the first hostage taker to give up in the Chase Manhattan Bank Robbery hostage taking

Chris was trained in the art of negotiation by not only the FBI but also Scotland Yard and Harvard Law School

He now teaches business negotiation at the University of Southern California and has recently published a groundbreaking book called ‘Never Split the Difference – Negotiating as if your life depends on it’


What you will learn:

  • How to negotiate with anyone (even a terrorist)
  • How to use ‘mirror neurons’ to your advantage
  • The tools you can use in business negotiation
  •  Why dropping your price is a bad move
  • What not to do in a negotiation
  • Why Oprah Winfrey is wealthier than Donald Trump

Interesting highlights:

  • Chris describes his 12 hours of negotiations with a bank robber
  • Chris  worked for 14 years in the New York City Joint Terrorist Task Force
  • Chris was the Lead International Kidnapping Negotiator for the FBI


Chris’s #1 practical advice: 

Resources & Links:

Get in touch with Chris: Text ‘ThatsRight’ to 22828 for free negotiation tips

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