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Your Life Of Impact with Brett Robbo - Your Life Of Impact with Brett Robbo 29th April 2020
Ep. 143 Thriving Through Challenge, with Robyn Moore
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Ep. 143 Thriving Through Challenge, with Robyn Moore

Robyn Moore is such a beautiful, connected, kind, soul. She is Australia's most in demand female speaker, captivating audiences in her life changing presentations. 

I first had her on the podcast 14 months ago and her episode still receives warming, grateful feedback. 

If you haven’t listened to that episode I highly recommend you check it out, number 125. yourlifeofimpact.com/robynmoore.

This episode is the first of many where I'm bringing former guests on to share their experiences, challenges and beliefs about the current world crisis and also their tips and strategies on how we can all thrive in these challenging times and not just survive. 

If you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while, firstly - many thanks, that’s awesome and i’m stoked you find value in it - also, you’ll know that the guests all have unique empowering presence and impact in the world. 

I’m really intrigued to see how these grounded connected souls view this unique world pandemic and how their values and beliefs help them and their communities through. 

I trust you’ll also gain value from this approach to reconnecting with some of these legends. 

We won’t be discussing blame, "what if’s" and decisions that could’ve and should’ve been made differently. We’ll be discussing valuable beliefs, tools and strategies to help you thrive even just that little bit more. To help you think differently, regardless of the impact this challenge has had on you, and most importantly to help you tap into your inner belief and drive to "Be the change you want to see in the world". To be that version of yourself now that you’re proud of, connected to and grateful for in the future!

In this episode Robyn and I discuss:

  • How Robyn has lost her income and other big impacts because of covid-19
  • How she believes we can thrive in these challenging times
  • How parents can shift their mindset and use this time as an opportunity with their children.
  • What her beliefs are around what is happening to the planet as a whole due to covid-19
  • And many more stories that encapsulate Robyn’s optimistic and empowering outlook on the world.

Follow Robyn online:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thepoweroftheword/

Linkedin: Robyn Moore