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Causepods - The Podcast Consultant EPISODE 34, 14th November 2019
Giving a Voice to LGBTQ+ with Rhys Mathews of the Queer Margins Podcast
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Giving a Voice to LGBTQ+ with Rhys Mathews of the Queer Margins Podcast

Rhys Mathews created the podcast Queer Margins to give a voice to members of the LGBTQ+ community who are rarely heard from. In its first series of the podcast, Rhys interviewed Old Queens to hear their stories and experiences. The result has been a catalyst for connecting members of the LGBTQ+ community of different ages as well as giving deeper context to the changes in the political landscape.

In this episode, Mathew discusses how Rhys developed the idea for the podcast and the challenges of launching a show without a previous track record. There were times when potential guests were critical and unsure if they should participate in his show.  Sometimes because they were suspicious of his motives or simply because guests were unfamiliar with podcasting as a communication medium.

We discuss how Rhys overcame these challenges and the positive benefits that have come from being able to share these stories with a wider audience. Finally, we discuss the benefits of podcasting as a medium to hear personal stories through direct storytelling.

There are intangible benefits of hearing a story through someone’s own voice and hearing their own particular laugh, for example.  This is something that cannot be conveyed through text and is a reason why Rhys believes the show has been so impactful in connecting with audiences.

Listen in now, on Rhys’ story of launching a podcast from zero with no previous track-record as well as his views on the current state of the LGBTQ+ community.

We also discuss how the charity Stonewall’s message of “Acceptance without exception” inspired the show and continues to do great work by helping all types of communities.

Key Topics

Introducing Rhys Mathews. [00:02]

Why LGBTQ+ is an important cause for Rhys. [01:13]

Transphobia in LGBTQ+ communities  [03:31]

Why create a podcast about this topic? [04:09]

Reaching old queens and older listeners with podcasting [07:09]

How Queer Margins is creating an impact [09:16]

Rhys’ advice for those who are considering launching a podcast for a cause [12:35]

Stonewall, the organization that inspired Rhy [14:36]

The future of the Queer Margins podcast [16:44]

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