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Top 3 Baseball Uniforms
Episode 527th November 2023 • Top 3 Network • HVSPN
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Show Name: Top 3 Network

Episode Title: Top 3 Uniforms

Episode #5

You are listening to Top 3 Network the podcast with your host(s) Danyal and Co-Hosts Luke and Logan.

In this episode of Top 3 Network the Podcast we discuss: Our opinions on the top 3 baseball uniforms

Segment 1: Introduction

In this episode we will be discussing the top 3 baseball uniforms. So far, the aspects of baseball we have talked about so far are the top 3 stadiums, players, teams, and games. Now, we are gonna talk about intriguing and more fun topic. I don’t know about you guys, but for me, certain jerseys are some of the most fun topics to talk about. I find this topic fascinating because jerseys are an important part of the fans in baseball. The fans buy their favorite team’s jerseys, based on how they look which is an important part in baseball. A team with good jerseys will get advertised well and more fans will buy it! Anyways, Luke and Logan will be listing their favorite uniforms and I, as the host, will be judging and ranking them in the end just like always. Ok let’s get straight to it!

Segment 2: Ranking the Top 3 Baseball Uniforms


3: New York Yankees Home Jerseys: They are very classic witht the navy blue pin stripes and the NY logo on the front. The back is also very classic with the number and no last names.

2: Cincinnati Reds City Connect Jerseys: The black is very clean and makes the red in the outline on “Cincy” and makes it stand out. I admire the color combination of red and black when they go together. Overall this jersey is one of the best in the league.

1: Colorado Rockies City Connect Jerseys: There is a green and white mountain going through the jersey and makes the colors pop. The mountain is split in half in the front and the back of the jersey. The jersey is overall very clean and fits the theme of mountains in Colorado.


3: san diego padres city connect: i don’t think this uniform would be good as a full tim jersey, but this jersey just has a lot of bright colors that go really well with each other.This uniform reminds me of arizona ice tea Again i do not think that this jersey would be good to use all the time, but it is a very clean jersey to use every once in a while.

2: dodger home jersey is a timeless jerseyand thehad the design for 70 years , with a white base with blue letters with a pop of red in the numbrs looks really good, you know that it was designed very well when it has been used almost as long as the team has been around.

1: st. louis cardinals powder blue jerseys: 

Segment 3: Combining and Host Judges

3: Dodgers Home Jersey

2: Cincinnati Reds City Connect 

1: San Diego Padres City Connect

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