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Building Optimal Radio - Jared Gossett 25th October 2019
#41: Ultra-Luxury Developer, Joanna Lily Wong
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#41: Ultra-Luxury Developer, Joanna Lily Wong

Ultra-luxury home developer, Joanna Lily Wong, discusses her journey, her $15 million spec home, and her ideas for better design and marketing. Joanna brings a deep insight of home buyers into all elements of her projects, and she shares some of these with our listeners on this special episode, the first in a series of women in the industry.

Joanna is a rising star. This was a lot of fun to record, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did! You can find Joanna on Instagram or at Ennate, her design and development company based in San Francisco.

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Show Notes:

[1:15] – Joanna shares her background.

[5:10] – Joanna’s perspective on being a female in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

[7:30] – How buyers identify the fine touches.

[9:28] – The story of the $15 million Jones St. project.

[12:26] – Assessing the risk when building an ultra luxury home.

[13:15] – Features people want in a luxury home.

[18:05] Tricks to better market your properties.

[25:20] – How feng shui can help in building design even if you don’t practice it.

[28:40] – Where to find Joanna online.