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72 – Direct Distribution for Your Documentary with Christopher Rufo
Episode 724th May 2018 • The Documentary Life • The Documentary Life
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The topic of film distribution is, perhaps, one of the most requested topics that we’ve ever had for the podcast. And it’s no wonder. While there may seem like more options than ever for the doc filmmaker, it’s hard to know which ones may be best suited for us. Or if, in fact, self-distribution may, in fact, be the better, smarter option for the independent documentary filmmaker.


Well, Christopher Rufo is a documentary filmmaker who has cracked the proverbial code on what he likes to call “direct distribution”. Chris – who is the founder of both Documentary Foundation and Filmmaker.MBA has some very tried and true methods for getting your documentary film out into the world, seen on big screens, and helping you make some good money back on your film.


Topics Discussed

  • definition of direct distribution and how it applies to you and your film distro plan
  • how incorporating as a non-profit can be very advantageous to you
  • how embracing an entrepreneurial spirit is key to sustaining one’s doc life
  • stop trying to get to a general audience, instead niche down to your true audience
  • re-defining the term theatrical release


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