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Comedians on South High - 511 South High Media EPISODE 16, 5th February 2020
Open Mic with Jr Junior

Open Mic with Jr Junior

Comedians host another Open Mic with JR Junior talk about starting out over a decade ago at Scarlet And Gray. Getting booed off the stage. Killing it at the Golden Corral.

  • Kenny’s out at sea and there are tsunami‘s out there
  • Are the comedians going to collaborate with the kid napper?
  • Professional laugh dancer
  • Tips on how to be homeless
  • Whoever is paying you, that’s who you make laugh.
  • Detroit Cannabis Cup
  • Were you at chipotle or the state fair?

All this and far more useless information brought to you by Comedians On South High.

Comedians On South High with your host Jared Blinsky featuring comedians Jason Banks, Kenny Mock, and Bobbie Dodds.

Recorded at Channel 511, a production of 511 South High Media LLC.