Janet Murray | How To Get Media Coverage For Your Business
Episode 1019th September 2016 • Christian CEO Podcast with Kelly Baader • Kelly Baader
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#10: As business owners and entrepreneurs, Creating buzz around our business, so we can be more visible front of our potential clients/customers, and to establish more credibility is one of the most important tasks. However, when it comes to obtain media coverage for niche-based business, it’s not so easy to find experts can teach on this subject with practical applications and proven results, and if you ever found one, generally speaking, the price tag is not necessarily a great fit for most small business owners. But Today I have a solution for you, our guests today is PR Expert Janet Murray.

We met each other in 2015 through Chris Ducker’s Youpreneur Community, since then we became good friends, and found ourselves shared some common interests in life as wellJ I know many of my fellow entrepreneur-friends, myself included, we have used her strategies to become a contributor for Huffington Post, Business Insiders, and many more other media outlets, so what she teaches works!

Here is her official bio: Janet Murray is a British journalist and PR coach who helps businesses and brands tell their story in the media. She’s written for various national publications (including the Guardian, Huffington Post, Daily Telegraph, Entrepreneur, Independent, Daily Mail and The Sun), many consumer titles and made dozens of appearances on radio and TV. Janet lives near London with her husband and ten-year-old daughter and runs her business from her garden 'shedquarters', local coffee shop or wherever she happens to be in the world.


Key Lessons from this Episode:

  • 4 Easy strategies to get PR coverage
  • What to do and what not to do for your next product launch when it comes to press release
  • How to reach out journalists in the right ways


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