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The Private Lender Podcast - Keith Baker EPISODE 105, 15th June 2020
PLP-105: Humility. Honesty. Vulnerability
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PLP-105: Humility. Honesty. Vulnerability

What is up Lender Nation?

Greetings and welcome to the Private Lender Podcast, I’m your host Keith Baker and you are listening to episode 105.

This podcast is the only one of its kind dedicated to teaching everyday people (just like you and me) how to prosper with the most passive form of real estate investing known to humankind, while giving tips and ideas that can help keep your money safe – with Private Lending.

Look, it’s just this simple: If you’re looking for practical tips and advice on being a successful Private Lender, on how to create wealth without banks or wall street, then you are in the right place. But if want to learn from my mistakes so you can avoid them and prosper much quicker - well then pull up a chair and pour yourself a drink and get ready to take notes my friend, because the Private Lender Podcast is made just for you!

Let just start by saying I’m not sure where today’s episode will end up, but I need to produce an episode – I’ve been stuck in the creation process recently and I think I know why:

I don’t want to talk about private lending – with all the shit going on in the world, I’m not really in the mood. I’d honestly rather talk about current events other things that don’t fit the scope of this podcast – but these topics are not my expertise, so I prefer to look to others for inspiration.


Last episode I played John Coltrane’s Alabama on the podcast and Youtube + Facebook flagged it for having a copyright. So this time I’ll just put the links up on the show notes page so I don’t get censored.

So let me run down my recent list of people I have relied upon for perspective:

[caption id="attachment_2917" align="aligncenter" width="300"]The man John Coltrane[/caption]

1 – John Coltrane – even if you don’t know what the song Alabama is about, it is extremely haunting.



[caption id="attachment_2926" align="aligncenter" width="201"] Billie Holiday[/caption]

2 – Just like Lady Day (Billie Holiday) and her song Strange Fruit. Listen to it and tell me it doesn’t screw with your head: Strange Fruit

These two musicians wrote and performed the truth with humility, honesty and vulnerability.

The remaining two individuals are still alive and working in America. I follow both of these men because they are outspoken, and I don’t always like or agree with what they say – but I always respect what they say, and I will make the time to listen to them. Through their content they have insured that I respect them as people – people who work hard, who have opinions and emotions. No different than me and you.


The first person whose content I would like to share with you is from the great Dave Chapelle and his Youtube recording entitled “8:46”. I don’t recommend this to you for the laughter, because there are only a couple of belly-jiggling funny parts. This is real. Watch it.

I recommend 8:46 in order to provoke thought. Thoughts and beliefs for and against what you are about to hear, either way – it’s thought provoking because I believe Dave Chapelle presents the truth with humility, honesty and vulnerability.

Just like businessman Andy Frisella, and his REAL AF podcast episode 46. I provide the link to this episode because whether I agree with him or not – I believe he presents the truth with humility, honesty and vulnerability. Real AF Episode 46


Look folks, as I keep walking down my path on this planet I want to express what I believe to be laws of truth:

1 – real wealth has nothing to do with how much money you have

2 – financial wealth that you keep and pass along to future generations is a marathon, not a sprint

#You are the CEO fo your family's money. Act like it!

#Never Trust. Always Verify.

#My Money. My Terms.

That’s gonna do it for episode 105, I want to thank you the listener, for sharing your ears and your time with me. Because I sure do appreciate it.

And now is the part where I ask for an honest rating and review at iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify or whatever platform you are using to hear my voice right now.

Ok. Adios. Ya’ll stay safe. Take care. And besides self-awareness, I wish you all safe and prosperous Private Lending.

I’ll catch you on the next episode.