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19: YP Perspective – Finding Value + Vocation in the Arts
7th February 2018 • UCYP: Uphill Conversations Young Professionals • Tim Pecoraro
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In this episode of UCYP, Megan and Tim have an Uphill Conversation with Katie Leckenbusch on her career and journey in the arts. From college to arts to corporate and back again, there is extreme value in engaging with the arts.

Show Notes: 

  • Katie’s current role in the Greenville arts community and her advocacy for the arts in general
  • Katie’s journey from environmental science to theatre
  • How non-profit + theatre skills can transfer well to traditional occupations
  • Working in the arts, you are dealing with deadlines, differing personalities and learning how to work effectively as a team
  • How realizing the waste involved in event marketing impacted Katie
  • Overall Katie wants her career to create a “net positive”
  • Striving for success vs. significance
  • Skills assessment testing and how Katie’s father’s vocation impacted her life and career journey
  • Realizing that there are always compromises in life
  • Value in putting on theatre that is thought-provoking, impactful and that creates conversation
  • Warehouse Theatre Forums provide a panel of experts on the topic that the show is dealing with and that is relevant
  • Local and Regional Theatre vs. Broadway + Nationally-Renowned productions
  • Arts as an economic driver in communities
  • Challenges + benefits of the phenomenal arts community in Greenville

Guest Bio: Katie Leckenbusch is a native South Dakotan who fell in love with the true “South” and put down roots with her husband, Matt, and two fantastic kids. After working with corporate clients on event marketing platforms, and many performing arts and cultural organizations in the area she completed a Master in Arts Administration from Winthrop University. Over the past 6 seasons with The Warehouse Theatre has had the honor to celebrate the theatre’s 40th anniversary, the creation of the Harriet Wyche Endowment, and participation in Leadership Greenville (Class 41), while fostering lasting relationships with Warehouse donors, patrons, and partners. As, potentially, the only fundraiser in the area who can also weld, she still loves to assist backstage.

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