2nd February 2012 • ScreamQueenz: Where Horror Gets GAY! • Patrick K. Walsh
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My special guest this week is my new "Coolest Person in the Entire World", the incredibly talented and remarkably woofy HOMER MARRS! He sings, he plays guitar, he writes songs, he does all kinds of comedy, and he smells nice. Mostly he's hear to share some of his song stylings with us and rap about WARLOCK.

First up, THE CRAPSHOOT returns to let us know if we should watch JULIA'S EYES or just spit in them. Sure, it's reuniting producer Guillermo Del Toro, director Guillem Morales and THE ORPHANAGE'S star Belén Rueda...but that would makeit even more fun to kick their over-confident culos"

And then Listener Trae has to face the music for recommending that I watch GRAVE ENCOUNTERS. Did he do a Good Thing?....or did he do a Baaaaad Thing? Either way, I'll probably yell "Fuck you!" at somebody at some point, so you can be assured about that.

And finally, Homer and I chat about WARLOCK, why it was awesome, why it sucked and why it inspired him to right a poignant ballad about its star.

All this and more. God, I could plotz!

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