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Remarkable Results Radio Podcast - Carm Capriotto, AAP EPISODE 9, 13th June 2021
ASE Service Professionals Month – Trish Serratore [Bonus 09]
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ASE Service Professionals Month – Trish Serratore [Bonus 09]

Trish Serratore

Senior VP Communications, ASE

Talking Points:

  • ASE Service Professionals Month June each year
  • Recognition of our true professionals 
  • Essential workers
  • The automotive service professionals have kept our cars running during the pandemic
  • June is ASE's birthday month. 50 years old next year (2022)
  • Take a moment to thank your technicians, parts counterperson, service advisors
  • Tools to help you at: https://www.asetoolkit.com/toolkit/aspm

We discuss some why and how to jump on board with Service Professionals Month. This is a very short listen and we toss up some ideas on how to build momentum inside your community, but more important to thank your people who have invested in their ASE Certifications. There is still time to embrace and support ASE Service Professionals Month.