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The GLUE of Leadership Development - Amy Kelly pt 2
Episode 108513th May 2022 • Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast • Robert Thibodeau
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The GLUE of Leadership Development

Amy Kelly pt 1

Have you ever had a workplace disagreement in your career?  It may not have even been that bad of a disagreement. But over time, it continued to eat away until, ultimately, it DID affect your life, your workplace, your family, etc.?

Have you ever said something that you regretted saying?

Have you ever done something that had the opposite effect you intended and you wished you could go back and do over in a different way?

Making decisions in business and in relationships is normal. How you communicate and how you handle decisions can result in either success or failure. Each decision you make can either strengthen the bonds of the relationships you have – or tear them apart.

Sometimes, when you handle things the wrong way and the relationship is torn apart, you wish there was some type of glue to bring it all back together, right?

Well, my guest today just happens to have that glue available for you to use…

Amy Kelly is the Vice President of Consulting for the Jon Gordon Companies and a human resource and talent development executive who is known for building high-performance talent and cultures, including award winning workplaces and leadership development programs.

She has released a book titled, “G.L.U.E. – A Leadership Development Strategy to Bond and Unite.”  This book is a must read for any business, any home, any community or ministry leader who needs to grow personal leadership effectiveness and create unity in the home, workplace and world.

How does this fit into the discussion of minimizing disagreements and negative emotional energy that you describe?

How did the COVID pandemic, shutdowns and all of that effect what you are trying to share in this book?

Does this book, “GLUE” help to create the same type of environment in the home as well as the workplace?

How can someone who may be deeply involved in community projects use these precepts to rally support for the cause while still allowing personal and professional growth of those involved that may not always involve the organization?

If you could sum up in one statement what the main takeaway your readers will have from this book, what would that be?

How can someone obtain a copy of your book, “G.L.U.E. – A Leadership Development Strategy to Bond and Unite,” is it available on Amazon?

Amy, this is so interesting. If someone has a question, how can they get in touch with you or obtain more information?

I’ll put links to all of this down in the show notes below…

Folks, you need to obtain your own copy of Amy Kelly’s book, “G.L.U.E. – A Leadership Development Strategy to Bond and Unite.” This book will transform your life, your business and your relationships. Just go down into the show notes and click the links right there to order your copy today.





Book: “G.L.U.E. – A Leadership Development Strategy to Bond and Unite” – on Amazon