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070: How to encourage work-life balance with your teams
Episode 7018th April 2022 • Leadership Jam Session • Rob Fonte
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The topic of work-life balance is always top of mind for new and tenured leaders, and it means something different to all of us. In this episode, James and I tackle this topic which was inspired by some dialogue from a LinkedIn post I was tagged in. Tune in for a tips and advice on how to encourage work-life balance with your teams (and with yourself)!


  • Lead by example and sending the right message to your people (2:14) 
  • We all think about work-life balance differently so do what works for you (3:51)
  • Two questions you can ask yourself as a leader; what do I control, and can I mitigate burnout with what I can control? (5:31)
  • Get to know your people, both personally and professionally (6:06)
  • Pick up on the flags that say your people take on too much (10:33)
  • Take a beat; re-evaluate your priorities and implement changes (11:05)