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GotTechED the Podcast - Eric Guise/Nick Johnson EPISODE 47, 2nd December 2019
Unconventional Uses for EdTech Tools
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Unconventional Uses for EdTech Tools

In this episode of GotTechED the Podcast we discuss:

  • Using current events to promote problem solving and critical thinking
  • Unconventional uses of edtech tools
  • GotTechED Shoutouts

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Segment 1: Current Events

Somethings wrong in the world today

Using current events as a means to motivate students to be solution finders


  1. Climate change article for lesson on weather, habitats, food webs, etc.
  2. Upcoming Election article for lesson on government function










Segment 2: Unintended Uses

  1. Flipgrid- scavenger hunts called “Fliphunts” with Kathi Kersznowski
  2. Murder Mystery 
  3. ClassroomQ
  4. Google Slides for Stop Motion Videos (edit URL for auto-playback through slides)
  5. Google Sheets conditional formatting to answer check
  6. Google Drawings Red Reveal Template 
  7. Red Reveal Template Part 1
  8. Red Reveal Template Part 2
  9. QR Code Scavenger Hunt (https://www.the-qrcode-generator.com/)
  10. Google Docs as HyperDocs (https://hyperdocs.co/)

Segment 3: Shoutouts

Edtech world is a exciting positive space, so many people online, thanksgiving up, we’ve gotten lots of support and we wanted to say thanks. If you have a fav podcast or blog, its always good to hear from audience 

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  1. Rae Hughart @RaeHughart @teachbetterteam 12 Educational Podcasts 
  2. Anuj Agarwal from Feedspot: @anuj_feedspot Top 75 Educational Technology Blogs And Websites For Educators in 2019
  3. Jeff Bradbury
  4. Ask the Tech Coach Podcast: The Importance Of Tech Coaches Focusing On Function And NOT On Application 
  5. Teachercast Blog: How Can Tech Coaches Help Teachers Embrace Technology Integration Challenges? 
  6. Twitter Chats:
  7. "#PD4uandme 10/26/19 Podcasting" @specialtechie
  8. #masterychat with the @teachbetterteam Wednesday’s at 8pm

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