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Freelancing for Journalists - Lily Canter and Emma Wilkinson EPISODE 8, 22nd July 2020
Getting Started
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Getting Started

In this episode we talk to Jem Collins, director of Journo Resources and recent journalism graduate Connor Stringer about how to get started as a freelance journalist.

We discuss keeping lists, contacting the tax office and creating email addresses - plus much more! if you want to get started in freelance journalism but are not sure how to get organised, then this is the perfect episode for you.

*This was recorded online so there is the occasional dip in sound quality.

The guests:

Jem Collins @Jem_Collins

Connor Stringer @connor_stringer


Freelancing for Journalists published by Routledge  https://www.routledge.com/Freelancing-for-Journalists/Canter-Wilkinson/p/book/9780367135553

Journo Resources https://www.journoresources.org.uk

List of pitching guidelines: https://www.journoresources.org.uk/pitching-guidelines/

Trello https://trello.com

The Professional Freelancer Newsletter by Anna Codrea-Rado  https://theprofessionalfreelancer.substack.com 

Press Pad https://presspad.co.uk

EJC Freelance Assembly https://journalismassembly.com/assembly

Journalism.co.uk https://www.journalism.co.uk

Young Journalist Community  https://www.facebook.com/groups/330881737884535

Wired pitching guidelines https://www.wired.co.uk/article/contributor-guidelines

HMRC register as self-employed https://www.gov.uk/log-in-file-self-assessment-tax-return/register-if-youre-self-employed