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Episode 20: Eric Mac Lain | Former Clemson University All-ACC Offensive Lineman
1st August 2017 • Rich Take On Sports • Richmond Weaver
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Episode 20: Eric Mac Lain | Former Clemson University All-ACC Offensive Lineman

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Rich Take On Sports

Show Notes:

  • Rich Spotlight: Eric Mac Lain
    • Life has been a whirlwind for him lately with a new job with JMI Sports, moved to Greenville, SC and was recently married on June 24th
    • Started playing soccer but Basketball was his first love and dreamed of playing in the NBA and his dad didn’t want him and his brother to play football
    • Started out as a Tight End but continued to play basketball throughout high school and it was the summer basketball camps that he went to each summer, not football
    • Eric went to a football camp at the University of Tennessee and met Coach Dan Brooks at the camp.
    • Head Coach Phillip Fulmer offered him a scholarship during camp
    • His mom didn’t understand the magnitude of the offer but his dad did and wanted them to turn around and tell Coach Fulmer thank you
    • The offer remained very quiet however Coach Fulmer was fired and that led to Eric not knowing exactly his status at Tennessee
    • Coach Brooks was now at Clemson University and wanted Eric and his family to visit Clemson on their way home during Spring Break
    • Eric didn’t even know if Clemson was a Division I school
    • Everything lined up for a perfect visit to Clemson and he fell in love with staff and campus
    • Entered as a Tight End and the speed of the game was big adjustment so he red-shirted
    • He eventually made the move the Offensive Line after the Tigers sustained multiple injuries on the line in a game versus NC State
    • During his Senior season, he was selected Pre-Season First-Team All-ACC by the media and coaches and he’s convinced that it was because the media enjoyed his interviews
    • Knew he gave everything he had in the National Championship game versus Alabama and was sad that the team lost but even harder for him was the fact that it was the last time he would wear a Clemson football uniform
    • Unfortunately, things with the NFL did not work out but it was easy for him to stop playing because he wasn’t defined by being a football player
    • Eric firmly believed that he is a son of God and therefore that’s how he’s defined and this allowed him to stop playing and not have any issues because he was no longer a football player
    • Words of Wisdom from Eric: “No matter who you’re talking to, no matter where you are; always treat it and handle it like it’s an interview.”

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