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256 Teams Leadership & The Responsibility Process – Avery
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256 Teams Leadership & The Responsibility Process – Avery

Leadership & Responsibility - Team Management Evolves

Dr. Christopher Avery joins us at CBJ to discuss Leadership and the Responsibility Process. When something goes wrong, large or small (for example, lost keys or a lost retirement account), The Responsibility Process kicks in. The mind works hard to Lay Blame as a reason for the problem.

Working Beyond Blame

If you accept blame as a sufficient reason, then you will act on that blame. If you don't accept it, then your mind offers you an excuse (Justify) - and so on. Thus, taking personal responsibility is a step-wise process of refusing to act on a series of irresponsible thoughts that your mind offers up.

Note Well

Responsibility/irresponsibility does not delineate a character trait/flaw. It's a mental process operating identically in everyone. The process can be observed, learned, taught, studied, developed, modeled, and practiced. Any willing individual, team, or organization can practice responsibility at ever higher levels. The Responsibility Process is most useful when self-applied. It backfires when used to Lay Blame on others.

Dr. Avery Details 

“The Responsibility Process guy”, founded The Leadership Gift™ Program to make world-class personal leadership development accessible to individuals worldwide. His books include The Responsibility Process and Teamwork Is An Individual Skill.

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Dr. Chris Avery's Video Comments




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Thanks, Chris, for joining us here at CBJ to review your personal observations and research about the absolute importance of taking responsibility in leadership.


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