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Paleo Ayurveda and Spartan Yoga - Vie Binga & Tim Ganley EPISODE 4, 11th June 2020
Ayurveda and Vata Derangement Syndrome - Part 3

Ayurveda and Vata Derangement Syndrome - Part 3


  • This series is brought to you by Jayne Laird, a great Yoga Teacher in St Pete, FL who wants to keep it real. You can contact find her on Instagram at @jayne_laird
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  • In this episode we discuss the "mobile and static" pair of Ayurvedic qualities
  • Mobile is one of the main qualities of the Vata Dosha
  • Static is one of the main qualities of the Kapha Dosha
  • Mobile is “we are happy, we are sad”, “we cry, we don’t”
  • Static is us remaining “even keeled”
  • The static quality is not the same as the dense quality
  • The static quality in the mind is about being able to adapt your thoughts and actions no matter what
  • The qualities are not to be taken literally, they are to always be considered within the particular context
  • When something bad happens and you don’t do anything about it, that is the static quality out of balance
  • The air element is associated with our thoughts
  • A constipated colon is connected to a constipated mind
  • When the air element (our thoughts) has nowhere to go due reduced space element everything in our mind is being exaggerated and taken out of proportion and eventually out of context
  • When everything is falling apart around us the best way to bring the static quality in our mind is counter-intuitive; it is through “negative visualization”
  • Positive visualization is creating an excess of the mobile quality in your mind through “false data” disguised as “hope”, in other words “up and downs”
  • History has taught us that anything that has happened before will probably happen again
  • Hope is a word that should be outlawed in the English language
  • Negative visualization is about the person taking control of their thoughts and actions
  • Negative visualization is not easy, it is simple
  • Negative visualization helps you conquer your fears
  • What you are hoping will happen, probably will not happen
  • Negative visualization helps you create laser focus which is what establishes the static quality in your mind
  • Having hope is not the same as having faith
  • Negative visualization helps you reestablish faith in a higher power and faith in yourself
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  • May we all be well, adapt and thrive! - Tim and Vie


Brought to you by Jayne Laird, a great Yoga Teacher in St Pete, FL who wants to keep it real. Contact her at @jayne_laird

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