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eCommerce MasterPlan - Chloë Thomas EPISODE 256
Finding your path to Growth with Rob Kessler of Million Dollar Collar and Go Tie Less
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Finding your path to Growth with Rob Kessler of Million Dollar Collar and Go Tie Less

In the first few years of an eCommerce business (or any business!) there’s often a lot of tooing and froing trying to find the right pathway. The right products, the right path to market, the right marketing methods.

Tons of testing, and of course ‘optimisation!’.

That’s what today’s guest is joining us to talk about – 4 years ago he designed a really clever new product that solves a frustration for many people around the world. When we caught up with him 2 years ago he was busying testing different routes to market – online sales vs licencing to manufacturers, vs selling wholesale to tailors and dry cleaners.

In today’s episode you’re going to find out how all that has been going, the marketing testing he’s been doing, AND how he’s ended up creating a whole new brand as yet another route to market. Some of the lessons from how he’s done all that are priceless.

The business he’s building is still a work in progress – and in this episode you get to see (very candidly) behind the scenes to hear how he manages all the different ideas, and how they all start coming together to create the platform from which growth is (I think) just about to go crazy!

Rob Kessler is the Inventor and co-founder of Million Dollar Collar. Where he creates fashion accessories for men which provide a classy polished appearance. Rob launched the business in Jan 2016 and they have now sold over 250,000 units in 111 countries to over 18,000 customers. We last chatted 2 years ago so I’m excited to find out what Rob’s been up to.