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WE Have Cancer - Lee Silverstein EPISODE 126, 18th June 2019
Learning How to Simplify Cancer With Joe Bakhmoutski
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Learning How to Simplify Cancer With Joe Bakhmoutski

Joe Bakhmoutski was diagnosed with Testicular cancer in 2016.He founded Simplify Cancer  to provide support and advice to those touched by cancer. During our conversation we discussed:

  • Why he created Simplify Cancer
  • How he came to be diagnosed with Testicular cancer
  • How people perceive various cancers and how some are deemed "embarrassing"
  • What patients can do to prepare for their first oncologist appointment and the free tool he offers on his website to assist with this.
  • The book he's writing to help men dealing with cancer.

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Simplify Cancer - http://simplifycancer.com/

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