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FTR 034: Greg Bunch – Take Your Toolbox Home
25th February 2019 • For The Record • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Greg Bunch is the owner of Aspen Auto Clinic, a five-location automotive and service business in Colorado. Greg started his passion for cars at 15 when he began rebuilding a 1966 Volkswagen Bug.  Greg has moved from a Volkswagen mechanic to ASE Master Technician, to Management, to starting his shop 18 years ago in his garage, to an award-winning multi-location business.

Greg is currently a board member for the STEM-based charter school call “Automotive Institute of Science & Technology” and on the Advisory board of Ratchet and Wrench Magazine. Greg is also a board member of the Autocare organization and a certified instructor for the  Worldpac Training Institute and Carquest Technical Institute.  Greg’s unwavering passion for the industry has also led him to form a company called Transformers Institute, a coaching and training company dedicated to transforming the automotive industry.

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Key Talking Points:

  • We’ve all had to learn to run a business the hard way.
    • Read books and going to classes
  • He realized that he could no longer be an automotive man in business, but a businessman in the automotive
  • Take your toolbox home.
  • He had to transform his mentality.
  • He stopped filling his brain with all the tech of automotive repair and fill his head with leadership and business principles.
  • You cannot be in the center of your business to solve every problem.
  • You’ve got to become the CEO of your business by educating your team, then delegate to do it and solve problems on their own.
  • Careful not to delegate too quickly.
  • Too many will shut their shop down so they can go on vacation. You should never have to do this.
  • Get out of your business to run it.
  • Consolidation is upon us and you’ll never be prepared for it without these disciplines.

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