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The Scale Podcast - Marketing Strategies For Coaches - Oliver Denyer 28th October 2019
How To Create Content That SELLS
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How To Create Content That SELLS

Here’s a dose of truth: creating content can be energy draining, time consuming and down right difficult sometimes. So how can you make sure your content gets you a great ROI, so your effort isn’t wasted? In this episode I talk about how to create content that SELLS. Whether it’s videos that directly ask for a sale, or content that warms up prospects so they know like and trust you so they buy a lot sooner. With these simple strategies, you’ll KNOW that every piece of content has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • The simple question I always ask myself before hitting ‘record’
  • The three types of content you should make (if you’re doing anything outside of these categories …it’s probably a waste of time).
  • Why I never ‘vlog’ or take pictures of my food and upload them to social media
  • The BEST type of content for growing your email list
  • The TRUTH about why I don’t have 100,000+ subscribers on my Youtube channel

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