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STEM on FIRE - Jeff Nigh 3rd February 2019
74: Planetary Science – Harriet Brettle
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74: Planetary Science – Harriet Brettle

Harriet Brettle earned Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and pursued finance before following her passion for space and going back for a masters in Planetary Science at Cal Tech and is now a Business Analyst at Astroscale .

[0:52] After having a career in finance she decided to go back to school for planetary science and goes into options after college.

[4:07] Where to go find more information about different jobs available with a Planetary Science Degree: Students for the Exploration and Development of Space and Space Generation Advisory Council.

[7:20] Think about the skills you need in the future, and any STEM degree will provide you with skills that would be employable. She would recommend a Math or Engineering degree.

[10:20] Area of expertise – Computer simulation of the storms of Jupiter.
The first picture is courtesy of Jovian Infrared Auroral Mapper (JIRAM) – Adriani et al., 2018, Nature.
The second picture is courtesy of JunoCam – Hansen.
Jupiter South pole - JIMRAM

Jupiter South pole - Junocam

[12:40] an ah-ha moment – going from finance to planetary science. She realized that there was a lot of overlap between finance and planetary science based on the math schools. Math is a tool kit and incredibly valuable.

[16:16] Tip for getting through college – she had no idea what she wanted to do when heading off to college and thought math was a good path and did not even know engineering was a degree when applying to college.

[18:30] Best advice – Don’t be the person that says no to yourself. And a habit is being very organized and structured and a lot of planning.

[20:30] Parting advice is to have fun – and you don’t know where you will end up

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