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The Documentary Life - The Documentary Life EPISODE 73, 11th May 2018
73 – Making Great Sound for Your Documentary with Jean Umansky
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73 – Making Great Sound for Your Documentary with Jean Umansky

Jean Umansky is one of the most respected sound persons in the field of filmmaking. He is a French sound engineer who has worked on over 50+ narrative and documentary films, including an Academy Award nomination for Best Sound on Amelie.


In our conversation with Jean, he guides us through some best practices for not only achieving optimal sound, but also for creating sound in a way that shapes the very story of your documentary film.


Topics Discussed

  • how sound can shape the story just as much as the visual
  • learning and using the language of sound with the director
  • importance of mic placement, shock mount, windscreen
  • tips for achieving great sound as a documentary filmmaker


5 Tips for Getting Good Sound on Your Doc

And as an opening volley to our episode on sound, I take us through 5 Tips for Getting Good Sound on Your Doc, which are:

  • test your gear
  • bring your headphones
  • think about location
  • clothing rustle
  • consider using a wired lav


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