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Episode 97 Interview with the von Niederhauserns: Living and Giving on Your Own Terms
25th July 2018 • Love Your Story • Lori Lee
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Episode 97 Interview with the von Niederhauserns: Family Humanitarian

“Excitement and Fear are the Same Feeling.”


The vonNiederhausern family consists of Rachel the mother, Steve the father and six children ages 14 – 4 months. Steve and Rachel have a very powerful way of living – on purpose. They say that sometimes it feels a little weird to buck the cultural norms of not owning a house and putting down roots, but instead of using their money to buy cars and a house and eating out regularly, as much of America does, Steve bikes to work, Rachel bargain shops, they rent a basement in a home in a good neighborhood, and they homeschool their kids.

They then turn around and put all their money into a project called Family Humanitarian where they travel to Africa and South America to help the poor across the world by helping them create better living conditions. This they do with all their kids in tow, and other families as well.  We’ll hear their story, and also a little about how their lifestyle and Steve’s savvy with social media has garnered them 50,000 plus followers on Instagram where it caught the attention of Royal Caribbean Cruise lines and turned into a partnership of cruising the Caribbean on the cruise line’s dime, sharing with their followers a story of creating an unorthodox life, on purpose.

Tune in to the podcast for my interview with the Von Neiderhauserns and their stories of how and why they started Family Humanitarian, what that looks like, and some thoughts on the poverty and wealth matrix.

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Thanks for being here today for a dose of love your story and how service changes lives.