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Mr. Marty Osborn with Advoco an InforEAM Partner talks about When Maintenance Matters
26th October 2020 • The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie • The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie
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In this week's Industrial Talk Podcast we're talking to Marty Osborn, President of Advoco and Infor EAM Solutions Partner about "When Maintenance Matters and the 5-Enemies of Success". Get the answers to your EAM questions along with Marty's unique insight on the “How” on this Industrial Talk interview!

You can find out more about Marty and the wonderful team at Advoco by the links below. Finally, get your exclusive free access to the Industrial Academy and a series on “Why You Need To Podcast” for Greater Success in 2020. All links designed for keeping you current in this rapidly changing Industrial Market. Learn! Grow! Enjoy!


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Welcome to the industrial talk podcast with Scott MacKenzie. Scott is a passionate industry professional dedicated to transferring cutting edge industry focused innovations and trends while highlighting the men and women who keep the world moving. So put on your hard hat, grab your work boots, and let's go. All right, welcome to the industrial talk podcast, absolute honor that you have joined. This podcast is a celebration of you. This is this is where industry professionals come in talk. That's what this is about. And we feature the women and men of industry and the women of men in manufacturing of women or men of technology, and everything in between. Because you're bold, you're brave, you dare greatly innovate, boy, do you innovate. You're not just changing the world, you're changing the lives of individuals in the world. You're saying to yourself, Scott, Hey, who's on the hot seat? Marty Osborn? That's right. He's the president of Advoco. And bear and InforEAM partner. And they excel at implementations and he's going to start sharing the secrets because we're going to be talking about the five enemies of success. Let's get cracking.


Know what a Advoco means? No one asked him. It means trusted advisor. I think that's pretty cool. And they are man, they they know exactly what they're doing when it comes to EAM implementations. They know when maintenance matters. In an organization, you just can't, it just can't wing these things. Man, you've got to have an organization that is committed to maintenance and doing it right and leveraging technology to create a business of resiliency. So


I had this epiphany. And I don't even know how to spell epiphany but I know that it's a word and it's like a light bulb


going off in your head. And it revolves around the InforEAM platform and I've had hours and hours and hours of conversation about Industry4.0 and everything that goes into that hour, they're talking about Industry5.0, but I have all that Information in my head, there has to be an enterprise system to truly facilitate a successful industry4.0 initiative. And that's what, that's what in for em brings to the table. And that's what companies like Advoco, they develop and deploy. Because the reality, let's just, we always talk about collaborating, we always talk about innovation, we don't always talk about education. And you know, you can do that right now. In fact, do it. But the the reality for a business who truly is, is


resilient going forward is that you're leveraging technology, you have a culture that is committed to really sound principles such as maintenance and and the principles around it. So that God, if God forbid, we have another two fingered, you know, COVID punched in the head, you're ready, because you've got the technology, you've got the the culture, you've got the people in place that knows how to really, truly keep that business rolling, and be able to be nimble, when things like that take place. That's that's the reality of it. And that's what we're talking about. Because I I'm all about, you know, IoT devices. Absolutely. I'm all about edge. I'm all about, you know, cloud, I'm all about all this stuff, this AI ml, all of the things that that 5g, boom, right around the corner right there, right now, things are happening. So there's a lot of technology, a lot of innovation going on out there and you need a system, you need an enterprise system to be able to handle all of that, in a way that makes sense. Not something clunky, not something difficult to manage. But something that's nimble. InforEAM is that particular product and partners like Advoco, and team Advoco and Marty Osborn. They'll make you a success. And I'll have all the contact Information for Marty because you're going to be dazzled by him. Alright, let's get on with the interview. Marty Osborn President of Advoco and team Advoco and we're talking about the five enemies of success now I'm not gonna I mean, I've got it right here. So you're gonna have to, you know, grab a piece of paper and pencil and write it down or push pause, and you got to get this stuff down because he is dropping some wisdom. He's he's got some sage happening here with the with all of these points. So enjoy the conversation with Marty Osborn. Marty Osborn, welcome to the Industrial Talk podcast. Absolute. I mean, I'm telling you listeners out there. You're in for a treat. A very good surprise here. He's one of my favorites. How about that for an intro, Marty. Wow. That's it


Gotta set the bar a little too high, man. Well, it's not very high when it comes to me my friend. Absolutely. And I really appreciate it. I really appreciate you finding time in your busy schedule because it is a busy time for you and your company and, and and team Advoco. Now, before we get into the interview and getting into the meat of the conversation, give us a little 411 on who Marty is and why you're such an incredible professional and do not and do not mention Clemson.


I just did well, yeah, you know, I guess Scott, we go back and forth. Because we're both tigers. You're just happened to be the wrong tiger. Yeah, it's been a rough year for the old LSU fan. Yeah, yeah, it's been but but hey, thanks for having me novel. I always enjoy our conversations, because then they're pretty lively, as you said, We'd like to riff off each other. But yeah, again, Marty, I was born and I'm the president and one of the partners that had Volvo. And again, at Volvo in Latin means to call in a trusted advisor. And so that's always been been our mantra with our clients or teams is how do we become their trusted advisor? When we're implementing? In for EA? Yeah. And that's, it's kind of a unique business, because that's all we do. So we don't do Maximo we don't do Oracle, we don't do SAP, we are in for em. And, you know, I think the reason we do it is like to say we know how the movie ends. And that's kind of our, our mantra, and how do we help our clients get the most out of their software and hopefully reach their true potential? Yeah, and the InforEAM product is very, and for listeners out there, EA N stands for enterprise asset management, it is an enterprise solution that allows you to truly get visibility into your asset base, if you're a manufacturer, if you're whatever industry, boom, this is an enterprise system that is both flexible, powerful, and constantly improves, it's amazing. And then you get people like at Volvo companies like a vocal people like Marty, who just met excel at that capabilities. Now. We're gonna have to touch upon a subject matter that is really important to me. And and, and I know that we've had this conversation offline, and listeners out there take a paper to pencil or whatever, computer and keyboard I don't care, take notes on this particular conversation, because we know as well as I do, there's there's certain times when, when


maintenance succeeds, and maintenance doesn't succeed. And I'm interested in is like, when does like maintenance matter? Like me as a company? When when do I embrace maintenance? And I think it's a great thing. When does maintenance matter? Yeah, yeah, I think it's I mean, it's funny as we've, we've spent a lot of time I mean, Volvo's been 13 years, we've probably believe it or not have done almost 500 implementations and so it Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, we get quite a few over the past. Yeah. 13 years believe we went back and started counting and, you know, you start to look at, you know, a challenge kind of in front of us is how do we help our clients, right, live up to that true potential, and, you know, to deliver that results. And so as we started kind of digging into this,


we just really kind of came up with that theme is when maintenance matters, that seemed to be the differentiator. And Scott, you know, I mean, we get in the purchasing world, right? There's requirements gathering, there's, there's RFPs, and there's demos, and there's all these things that try to help you build success, yet, no matter how much time they spend on it, I mean, there's statistics out there that over 50% of em projects either fail or fail to hit the mark. And so it kind of drives at us and saying, How can we, again, be better than that? Yeah, and you know, as well as I do, I've been at a number of facilities and a number of places around the world and all that good stuff. And, and if I ever have a conversation with the maintenance team, yeah, they'll say maintenance matters, but they still have issues with maintenance. Yeah. And that's, that, to me is an interesting what, what, what looks like I have what looks like for me in in the world of business in the world of maintenance, that I demonstrate what matters, it matters to me. How do I demonstrate that? Yeah, well, it's a it's a great question. And, you know, it's funny is one of the things we always say is, companies can't meet their goals, right, or their objectives if they don't have safe reliable equipment. Right. If that truck doesn't deliver the chips or deliver the Pepsi's or that machine doesn't cut the beef or whatever it's trying to do. We can never meet our goals. And so what we find is from a maintenance side is


Does that make it matter? And so I think you start to dig in. And what we looked at is, you know, in the organization getting people involved in so we actually came up with something we call the five enemies of success, right? So, you know, maintenance matters when you go through these five enemies, or these sort of five checklists. And I think they kind of help you distinguish what you need to do to be successful. So this is interesting, because you'll have this conversation with, when you sit down with a client, right, you still they're walking away, they're sort of saying the right terms, but you still have to determine you and your organization have to determine if maintenance truly matter, because it is, it hinges upon your success, the success of the implementation, and as well as your client success, which is the ultimate


goal is to help them succeed in whatever they're trying to accomplish. So these are the questions you would ask them. Yeah, so these are things I think, kind of boiled down that, that we see kept companies from reading, you know, meeting that overall objective, and, you know, it's gonna be silly, but number one is very simple. But does your product have a name or an identity? I don't understand that. Now. Do you think that that is the case? Come on, believe it or not, I mean, we name our dogs, our cars, our boats, our, our,


you know, everything around us, but we don't really name our projects, right. And so what you kind of need is that rallying cry, so if maintenance matters, and it's funny about scale crack up, but if you walk around a plant, or an operation, you'll see a quality banner, you'll see a safety banner, you'll see a mission statement. When have you ever seen a maintenance banner?


The banner I always saw was that one that had that cheesy mirror saved guesses on you. Yeah, and and so what we started to do is we looked at what the clients is, how do we name that property, give it an acronym that gives maintenance of purpose, something that they can rally around. And so as an example, and I'm wearing my shirt right now, but it's pride, right? We love pride, maintenance. And pride stands for people really interested in delivering excellence. And so, as we start this project, and you go to do your em project, it just can't be while we put a piece of software, you know, it does fall flat when you put it that way. It's like, Yeah, we did an enterprise. So what is that, man? Nevermind, I gotta go eat a sandwich. Yeah, well, we have a kickoff meeting. And there's no rallying cry, there's nothing there. And so right at the beginning, every project is we like to name it. And so pride maintenance is a name we use quite often. And we actually will create a banner. And when we go live, everybody signs in and says, We're committed to this, not not only the VP of manufacturing, the CFO, we've had presidents all the way down, which tells them maintenance matters that this is important in the process. So to us, just simply step number one is name your project. And the best graphic ever saw was a banner they put over the maintenance store and said pride starts here. Right and interesting here. And what I what I said, it's because many of these challenges always occur, you got to get that executive to buy in at executive to say, Yeah, I want to sponsor support, do everything I can and, and be at the forefront of my thinking. And given the fact that you're your name of the project, you're, you're creating a buzz around it. Like it's like internal marketing, you're creating a buzz around that, that that project and getting that President getting that BP getting that executive to sign off, that sort of in essence says you're part of this, so don't let us down. Yep. Yeah, like I said, we got up, we kind of poke it does maintenance matter, doesn't really matter, we'll poke you, but we'll look around where is that banner? Whereas because again, maintenance, you know, they've always kind of feel like are they invited to the table, that kind of stuff. So to me, just number one is do your projects have names? Do the your maintenance team have an identity? And when they do, right, that pride exudes in everything that they do, and that's what we want. Number one name that name, your projects, sound, Game Show, name and name and so, this one again, and these are all kind of basic stuff, but number two is other right people involved, you know, right from the get go, who's on your team, right, who is involved in, in the project, you know, do we have representation from the asset management group from the AMA


Roll group from the purchasing group, you know, from the IT group like, we believe that there's five kind of key stakeholders from asset management to the work order groups to MRO, purchasing, and it. And when all five are represented, and they're on that team, and they're part of this, then that's when the magic happens. And again, you will always see that battle, either see a maintenance team, or we'll see an IT team. But do they really, are they coordinated? Yeah, and you're right about that....