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Love In Your Life - Dolah Saleh EPISODE 83, 2nd March 2021
Being Responsible
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Being Responsible

Blaming looks externally for the source of our discontent. The problem with that is it assumes you are a victim, not in control of your own happiness.

With the understanding that you alone are responsible for your happiness, you look to the self as the source. You are empowered with the knowledge that you are not a victim. In fact, you are clear that there are never any victims in the consequences of one's life, there are only volunteers. Following this logic, you can change your mind, your circumstance, and therefore impact the status of your contentment.

Blaming someone else for what happens to us or with us only weakens us. Although it may cause the one being blamed to feel a sense of guilt, it provides zero traction for us to change what made us unhappy in the first place. Instead, we are well-advised to own responsibility for what happens, as that alone allows us to positively impact our own status.