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Books, Ballads, and B-Roll
10th October 2023 • Books, Ballads, and B-Roll • HVSPN
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Show Name:  Books, Ballads, and B-Roll

Episode Title:  Introduction

Episode #0

You are listening to Books, Ballads, and B-roll the podcast with your host(s) Bee and Alastair.

In this episode of Books, Ballads, and B-Roll the Podcast we discuss: the topic of our podcast, why we wanted to create it, and what listeners can expect for the rest of the series.

Segment 1: Introduction


Hi I’m Bee!


And I’m Alastair!


We’re high school students and art enthusiasts. If you hear this, you have been lucky enough to stumble upon our podcast, Books, Ballads, and B-roll. Keep listening if you enjoy hearing about literature, music, and movies! Or we’ll just sadly ramble on by ourselves.


So, basically, we’re hoping that each episode of this podcast will tackle a book/movie/music trio that have some kind of intriguing resonance with each other, whether in theme, aesthetic, philosophy, references, or some other quality. 

Hopefully, putting these different media in conversation with each other will help to open up both your and our curiosity and encourage expansive thinking and connection-making. 


Or, for example, maybe you really enjoy watching movies about troubled dads but struggle to find a book to read with your beloved troubled-dad-trope. Or you’re considering reading a big book set in the roaring 20s, and you need the perfect song to get you in the spirit for such an undertaking. Hopefully we can be of some use here. 

You can expect ten episodes, one published approximately every other week!

Segment 2:  Explanation


I feel as though books, movies, and music are some of the most useful and interesting tools for understanding people and society. I love how they encourage creativity and give me inspiration for my art or to get through a hard day. They can be a welcome distraction, at times, and can also enrich relationships. I enjoy bonding with people about books. Even media I don’t particularly like enriches my life and teaches me more about myself and forces me to ask myself what about this thing gets under my skin and why.

You may now be wondering what makes us, two random teenagers, so qualified to share our thoughts on various works of human expression. Are we ourselves published authors or award-winning directors or actors or musical prodigies?


Alas, we are none of these, although I have played the role of a dazzling knight with about two lines, which I forgot to memorize before showing up on set, in a production my friend made in freshman year. Does that count?? And it may not be published, but when I was about 5-years-old, I wrote a series of extremely useful books for my younger brother, explaining to him why he ought not to eat bugs or engage in other such misadventures! Many qualifications aside, I concede that all statements I make on this podcast are simply my own biased opinions and I respect that others may see something completely differently from me.


Me too!


In fact, we’d love to hear from you if you have a different opinion as it may help us to look at things from a new angle. Like everyone else, we both have our own biases and limited world views!

Segment 3:  Conclusion


Ultimately, there are so many books, movies, and songs that we’re in awe of that we feel would completely change peoples’ lives if only they weren’t so obscure. And there are also many things we love that are more mainstream, that we have some unusual takes on. So we’re really excited to start this exploration with you guys! Farewhale!!

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  • Flowers and Weeds (Acoustic Guitar & Penny Whistle) by Axletree
  • Marty Gots a Plan by Kevin MacLeod

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