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Ep 88 : Follow These 7 Steps To Repair Your Relationship With Branch Isole
Episode 8814th February 2023 • People on Dating • Will Morales
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About Branch :

Founder of five small businesses and thought leader of the spiritual consciousness movement; Spiritual Christianity, Branch Isole is the author of twenty-two books, multiple articles, series and essays. Writing and speaking on the power of personal responsibility or its avoidance, as relates to choice and consequence, his self-discovery themes span a wide range of reflective identity situations or scenarios every adult recognizes. His stories explore motives and actions of relationship dynamics across a broad spectrum. Branch shares issues and emotions often experienced, but not always voiced.

Forty-two short story poems from Branch's books have been reprinted by magazines, newspapers and e-zine publications. Branch has appeared on 'Talk Radio' and Podcast programs nationwide. He is available to speak with your group, large or small.

Branch participates in book festivals and writers conferences where he shares a 'pathway to self-publishing success' with aspiring authors. He also teaches sessions using his "3-R" poetry model with new poets. Branch is available to talk 'writing' with interested groups, high school or college classes. If you would like to have Branch as a guest speaker please send pertinent information request by email below.

Branch's active Internet presence provides readers and followers with short story selections and empowering 'Thoughts' posted on this site and YouTube (Branch Isole). Thanks to our readers and fan base for their continued support and correspondence. We respond to all emails (please, no attachments).

Born in Osaka, Japan Branch traveled extensively growing up calling many places home. Finishing high school at Rolling Hills, California, he went on to graduate from Texas State University, did post-graduate work at the University of Houston, and received his Oxford MA Theology degree from Trinity Bible College & Seminary.

​For a list of talk radio or podcast program topics available, use the 'bookings' drop down link under Meet the Author above.

Branch's books are available in paperback and eBook formats from this site and Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, Diesel, Ingram, other retailers.

Branch's Value Adds

  • Get help when needed
  • There are 3 levels of pain
  • 7 steps to repair a relationship
  • Communicate all the time
  • How actions hurt partners
  • And much more............

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