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Kristin Ostrander – Conquer the next small step to move your Amazon business forward leaps and bounds
20th May 2019 • eCommerce Momentum Podcast • eCommerce Momentum Podcast
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Kristin is such a smart seller who has figured it out. Giant leaps seldom work. Small steps over time can get much farther faster. The turtle wins the race based on consistency, focus and hard work. I deeply encourage you to pre-order Kristin’s book: Dream Big, Step Small on Amazon. It truly is a blueprint on how to launch or improve your business. (Or design a new life) I got so much value from it and I know you will too. We are implementing many things Kristin offers into our business and I invite you to take a hard look at yours and see if small steps over time can give you the life and business you want.


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Here is transcript- It is automated so it is not perfect but it does seem to get better over time.

Kristin:                                  [00:00]                     Perfectionist at all in the matter of fact, but we all have these ideals and things that we visualize or like to visualize that like, okay, in a perfect world, what would your day look like? What would your business look like? And there’s concepts out there that I just didn’t, it didn’t resonate with me. Like the Beehag, the big hairy audacious goal or whatever that is. Um, we talk about that in the book and how that seems so far away because there was always a beginning, there was an end, there was a pass or fail. And I don’t like that idea because I feel like you’re always adapting, you’re always learning, you’re always changing, you’re learning new skills. So there’s never really unnecessarily a pass or a fail when it comes to

Cool Voice Guy:                [00:37]                     welcome back to the e commerce momentum podcast where we focus on the people, the products, and the process of ecommerce selling. Today, your host, Stephen Peterson,

Stephen:                             [00:51]                     if you’re looking for cash flow or you’re looking for another revenue stream, and what I suggest is you have a staff member who shows some interest in this, uh, taking on this project. And you look at it as a project and you measured their cost versus what your gain is. Um, then I have a group for you. I have a really strong group for you and it’s gateless B and Gary raise $1 million arbitrage lists. And what’s cool about this list is a, those multiple lists. There’s limited number of people on the lists. Um, and I’m on one of them. And what you get is you get these daily lives Monday through Friday, and they just have all these different things that you can buy. Now you might go try to buy it and they might be sold out. However you were trying to buy the blue one and wait, there’s a pink one next to it, why?

Stephen:                             [01:36]                     And then you’d start down that rabbit hole. And these lists are phenomenal. They’ve consistently been out there for a couple of years. And what I like is the people that have joined through my link, and again, I get paid for this, so I don’t want to hide that they stayed with them. And that’s very cool to me because that means something that means they got value. And so I’ve got a 14 day free trial. The only way you’re going to get this offer is if you go through my link. So it’s a 14 day free trial and you’re going to get either gay or you’re going to get Gary who’s going to onboard you. That’s a big deal because they can find out maybe how to tailor a little bit towards you. Um, and again, I suggest if you have somebody else, um, that you can have handled this for you, that’s how you’re going to grow your business.

Stephen:                             [02:18]                     Um, they bring in inventory for you. They follow the procedures, you’ve got good receipts, they’re all receipts that should stand up and, and so again, consider joining. You’re going to get a 14 day free trial. So if it doesn’t work, pull out. I get it. Sometimes this doesn’t work. You try. I thought you had a process. You thought you had the right person, you give them the opportunity and they fall short. It happens. But this is a great opportunity to try it, especially if you’ve got a spouse or significant other that wants to help in the business but doesn’t have a lot of time. This might be a perfect opportunity. Again, a 14 day free trial, so here’s how you get there. You come through my link and which comes into this episode and you’ll be a link there, but you go to amazing forward slash, momentum, the word momentum, hyphen arbitrage.

Stephen:                             [03:01]                     Yeah, that’s a lot of stuff to spell but it’s momentum, hyphen arbitrage and you’re going to get that link. It’s going to click through and they’ll know it came through us and they’re going to give you that 14 day free trial plus the onboarding and have a discussion with gay or Gary and talk about where you are in your business, where you’re going in your business and let’s see if they can help you. And again, 14 day free trial, try it and if it doesn’t work out, you move on, but get that team member producing revenue. Everybody, we are in the revenue business. Welcome back to the ecommerce women a podcast. This is episode 389. Christino strand are now, I’ve had Kristen on two other times. She was my episode number five, four years ago. I mean to so coal, to watch what Kristen and Kristen and her mom and built this seven figure Amazon business.

Stephen:                             [03:50]                     Uh, Christine and Amy Fearman, who I’ve had on have built this huge information business. They’ve helped, I guess we’re at hundreds of clients, um, over time build. Um, they’re so specialized in bundling. I mean, they’re just phenomenal at it and they have a, it’s like an art. I mean, it really is that they just see that stuff. Um, this interview though, most of it’s going to be dedicated to Christine’s book. Christine’s a new author. Um, I got to read an early release of it. It’s coming out, uh, pretty much not too far after this episode, so you can preorder it on Amazon. Um, but it’s, it’s interesting, it’s a book, but it’s really a workbook. It’s really a workbook where no matter where you are in your selling journey, whether you’re new, whether you haven’t started, whether you’re selling $1 million, there are actual lessons. It’s funny, I got all this, these notes I took, I read this book personally and then I lost my notes.

Stephen:                             [04:42]                     I had to go back and remake my notes and I realized this stuff just flew off for me because this is what I’ve gotten from the book. So when you hear what I’m talking through, I literally, these are my notes that I got from the book. It’s so applicable in so many different ways and it’s just so cool to watch somebody flourish. I mean, mini emitter, you know, she’s got it. But to see it over four years that I’ve known her, it’s just, it’s, it makes my life better and it’s just so encouraging for me. So let’s get into podcasts, get ready, take some notes and welcome back to the ecommerce momentum podcast. We’re excited about today’s returned guests. Um, because so much has happened since last time I had her on. I, last time I had her on was August of 2016. However, she was on prior way back. She was my fifth interview. I mean, it’s just crazy to think about that Kristen. Oh, standard. Welcome back. We’re getting old Kristin. Oh my gosh. Thank you so much for having me back. Yeah, it’s, we’ve had a long history. There’s this past few years. Huh? That’s crazy to think. I mean, but it’s crazy cool because I watched you guys grow. Una me specifically, I’ve been watching you guys for all these years consistently putting your head down, doing the work. Right. That’s really what it is. Consistently doing the work.

Kristin:                                  [05:58]                     Absolutely. That’s how anyone gets anywhere as you just decide where you want to go and you take the small consistent steps to just keep building

Stephen:                             [06:07]                     and it’s not easy, right? I mean, there are, you know, everybody has their ups and downs. Life has her ups and downs. Uh, and we’re going to get to yours because you’ve got quite a story of a man and some, I want to encourage people to go back and listen to episode five and 2015 because she gets into her story, but the story is so much more, and we’re going to talk about, she’s an author now. We’ll get there, but even you who are now a seven figure, Amazon seller, fulltime mom, wife, business partnerships, plural, ups and downs still happen, don’t they?

Kristin:                                  [06:42]                     The struggle is real. They certainly do. I think a lot of people, thank you. You might arrive at some level somehow, whether it’s financial, whether it’s you know, some sort of status or something and they think all the problems just go away and they really don’t. You just have to learn how to manage the ups and downs as you grow into some of your new roles.

Stephen:                             [07:02]                     Do you know at one point in your book, I remember one of the references and what we’re going to get to the book dream big steps small, correct? Yes. Dream big steps in mind. I just think it’s so smart because that’s not what, you know, um, what we’re taught, we gotta take big leaps. Oh, Christie, you gotta jump off the cliff, you know, birth, what does it burn the bridges, right? Get to shore, burn the bridges. There’s no going back. That’s not your philosophy. Correct.

Kristin:                                  [07:24]                     It’s not, you know, and it’s not, it’s not how I’ve built what I have here. You know, I’ve built it with a lot of help and a lot of support, but also just focusing on the very next step. I find the concept of, you know, burning the bridges, that’s just fine. But I find the concept of, of these big huge jump off the clip leaf of leaps of faith, really, it’s hard to bridge that gap from where you are and where you want to be. And I found that stepping really small and just being consistent and taking small actions has really got me where I’m, where I want to be, where I am right now.

Stephen:                             [07:56]                     I think it’s so smart because I think that the thing that people don’t factor in is, um, most of our ecommerce world is outside of our control, right? We don’t own the customers. We don’t control the customers. We don’t control trends. We certainly don’t control the platforms that we sell on. And they’re going to change and pivot based on their business model. Not your, they don’t call and say, Kristen, hey, we’re going to make a change as Jeff Bezos calling you a Christian, what does that would be pretty awesome. Uh, I love to hanging with that dude, but he’s not calling saying, Hey, what do you think Kristen? Right,

Kristin:                                  [08:28]                     right. Yeah. And you know, that’s the thing that we have to, to get control of right away is our lack of control and start focusing more on what can I do today to take the next step to be where I want to be.

Stephen:                             [08:41]                     Well, let me just, just, let me just get one more description of Kristen. So she’s a wife, she’s a mom, mom, a bunch of kids. Uh, and not that she’s old or anything. I’m old. Um, she’s a podcaster. And podcast is called the Amazon vials, the Amazon files. And