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Clearly the Best Deal in Boating – with Nick Thomas, Senior Director of Club Operations at Freedom Boat Club | Episode 071
Episode 7127th September 2022 • Sarasota Stories • Bob Williams
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It may seem strange to think that someone would join both a yacht club and a boat club at that same time. But that's exactly what I did back in 2015. While I'm no longer a yacht club member I continue to enjoy getting out on the water via what I consider the best deal around.

I'm very pleased to welcome Nick Thomas, Director of Club Operations at Freedom Boat Club. In today's episode, Nick will share ...

  • One thing most people don't know about Nick
  • How FBC became the premier boating Club in the world
  • What its recent purchase by Brunswick means for the FBC & members
  • The incredible reciprocity benefits members receive across the country
  • Who should consider joining FBC and where you can find out more
  • ... and much much more!

I appreciate so much that you'd spend your valuable time with us today. It is my hope that you will listen, learn and connect!




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