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The Documentary Life - The Documentary Life EPISODE 31, 14th July 2017
Personal Finances & the Documentary Filmmaker + Conversation with ‘Glitter Tribe’ Director Jon Manning
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Personal Finances & the Documentary Filmmaker + Conversation with ‘Glitter Tribe’ Director Jon Manning

Debt can be a crippling thing for anyone, and documentary filmmakers are no exception. In fact, it’s we independent filmmakers who are often hit in particular with the ugly debt stick. The kids’ daycare, medical bills, rent, a new camera for a project. The reasons an independent filmmaker can find themselves in debt are plenty. But must we all continue romanticising this notion of the starving artist or is there, perhaps, a healthier, more satisfying way to live as an independent documentary filmmaker?


I say it’s time to put an end to that rather unnecessary (immature?) way of thinking. I say that we can all make some better, more informed choices about how our personal finances should and should not affect our personal and professional lives. And the first segment of episode 31 is about just that – finding ways in which we can all lead more sustainable doc lives.


Podcast Conversation


In our shared conversation with a documentary industry guest segment, we talk with director, Jon Manning, who recently released his film Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe, a film that is currently on Netflix. Along with talking about his latest film, Jon gives us some unique insight, that we’ve not yet heard on the show, about what he found was the best way to become a director and producer of one’s own commercial and documentary films.


Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe is currently available on Netflix.



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