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080 - Following our intuition
Episode 8022nd July 2019 • Assertive Radiance • Nadia Fleury | Alchemist
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Frequently we get a hunch or an awareness that something is not right. We may choose to follow our intuition and other times we ignore it only to regret it later. Women tend to be more intuitive or at least, in my circle of friends, we talk more about it.  

I’m bringing this subject up because as an entrepreneur, I do not have a clear roadmap as to what exact steps is going to work or not. And therefore, I have to rely on other sources of information until I can back my hunches with facts and data. The starting point is to have a clear idea of the end goal. From that, the mind starts to pay attention to the details around.

We will receive information with the body language or the tone of the voice, which is why paying attention to the subtle energy change can give us crucial clues.

People can trick us, and an excel spreadsheet can be tweaked. Listen in for insights shared on how you can use your intuition as a tool to move forward in life.

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