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Podcast Pontifications - Evo Terra EPISODE 296, 16th April 2020
Podcasters Report A Mixed Pandemic Performance [Episode 296]

Podcasters Report A Mixed Pandemic Performance [Episode 296]

Today you’ll hear from three podcasters on the front line of the pandemic:

  • Robert Crandall, from the Short Storiess podcast recently received a glowing review from a listener who credits finding his show as a way they’re getting buy during the lockdown. 

  • Brazillian podcaster Rodilson Silva, host of GuiaKast and RSS News, shares how he’s spending his newly discovered time at home to let him focus more on his show.

  •  Mark Goldman from Where Accountants Go explains how recent changes to the format of his episodes have been received by his listeners.

Life here at ShEvo Studios, the home base of Simpler Media Productions, continues to be fine. Unexpectedly, I’ve managed to get some actual, in-person human contact in a safe and responsible matter this week with other podcasters. It just so happens that Carrie from The Vocal Fries podcast lives not far from me here in central Phoenix. As my wife Sheila and I were walking the neighborhood with our very stylish face masks from our time spent living in Bangkok, we saw Carrie and her husband Chris walking on the street in the opposite direction. It was good to catch up, From a good 10-15 feet away, of course.

I’m going to keep that streak running as tomorrow I'm meeting ex-UK and current AZ-podcaster Sam Walker for coffee. Some of the local coffee shops are still open for drive-through service ( support the local economy if you can, right?) and she and I are going to meet to exchange beets for shower cleaners. Because I got beets in a farmer’s market box that I won’t eat and she bought a shower cleaner that she can't use that I can’t find in my grocery store. (So.. support your local barter economy, I guess?) We’ll meet at the local coffee shop we both like, but maintain a safe distance from inside our own cars. I’m really looking forward to that.

What’s Your Podcasting Pandemic Tale?

Yes, I still want to hear your podcast pandemic story, podcaster. Please record a minute or two of audio for me, put the .wav file on Dropbox, and send the link to evo@podcastlaunch.pro. I'll most likely play it on next Thursday’s episode.


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