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The power of menstrual cycle awareness with Ruby May
Episode 198th August 2022 • Love, Sex & Intimacy • Sarah Rose Bright
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Ruby May works with the menstrual cycle, as a tool for self-leadership and social change and she is the founder of the international community Know Your Flow. Known as ‘cycle wisdom’ or ‘cycle awareness’, Ruby supports women to live in relationship with their menstrual cycles and inner wisdom. We also talked about how our menstrual cycle affects your libido and how you feel as a sexual being. This is vital knowledge for all women with menstrual cycles.

Ruby shares:

  • What she learnt about power from her time as a professional dominatrix 
  • The qualities of feminine leadership
  • The power of living connected to your menstrual cycle 
  • How to become more aware of your cycle through ‘cycle tracking’
  • The 4 phases of the menstrual cycle and how to embrace these 
  • The 2 energetic currents of yin and yang during the menstrual cycle 
  • The power of the pre-menstrual phase 
  • Self-leadership, learning to be in a good relationship with your self  
  • How your relationship with your blood impacts your relationship with your self 
  • How cyclical living helps you to step out of the hamster wheel and make different decisions and choices
  • Why cyclical living is a radical choice
  • The difference between pushing life and going with your natural flow 
  • Redefining creativity
  • How painful periods and other conditions such as endometriosis have been normalised in our culture 
  • How your menstrual cycle affects your libido and how you feel as a sexual being
  • How you can be 4 different people or more depending on the phase of your cycle
  • What she has learnt from a year of celibacy 
  • How her view of sexual liberation has changed 
  • About "The Game” she created to support people to connect more meaningfully

Ruby May is an earth-lover, a truth-seeker, an edge-dweller and a mischief-maker, passionate about how we can each midwife a culture of deeper connection – to our bodies, each other and our planet. Her professional roots lie in the field of Conscious Sexuality, where in 2010 she began giving workshops and one-to-one sessions on authentic connection, intimacy and our erotic shadows. Her current work is centred around the menstrual cycle, as a tool for self-leadership and social change. She is the founder of the international community Know Your Flow, and the creator of "The Game", a card game that supports people to connect more meaningfully. 


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Lisa de Jong, experienced in endometriosis


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Your podcast host, Sarah Rose Bright is a Sex & Intimacy coach and the creator of Intimate Sexuality. Sarah is on a mission to help women and couples to love and celebrate their sexuality, create healthy and happy intimate relationships and find their pleasure, playfulness and passion for life.




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