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The Pure Life - Pure Yoga Ottawa EPISODE 7, 3rd April 2020
Episode 7: Mallory Rowan
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Episode 7: Mallory Rowan

Mallory is a millennial entrepreneur passionate about fitness, business, and spreading some smiles and knowledge.

In 2015, she started her own fitness apparel brand with partner Josh Reyes as a course in her final year of university.


Completing her degree in Carleton Journalism and Business as well as working a full-time and part-time job, Mallory and Josh launched into the world of e-commerce.

Since then, LVD Fitness has generated more than a million in sales and has since expanded to include media and marketing services for other passionate clients.

In everything she does, Mallory aims to have a greater impact and works to help others' change their lives and businesses for the better.

Follow her on Instagram @malloryrowan or click HERE

Visit her website at www.malloryrowan.com of click HERE